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Through expert guidance from IEP consultants, St. Mary’s College of Maryland successfully transitioned to Via TRM (Traveler Relationship Management) software during peak application season in fall of 2018. One year after the transition, St. Mary’s saw a 33% increase in fall study abroad participation. 

Danielle Barr, the Director of International Education at St. Mary’s during the implementation, stated, “With our old system, both faculty and students were having a lot of usability issues. I would hear from students that they’d start applications and then abandon them – not because they didn’t want to go abroad, but because the software was clunky and the process was so confusing!” 

Barr was brought on board at St. Mary’s, as a consultant for IEP, to grow study abroad participation and put policies and processes in place that would help them scale global opportunities for years to come. “One of the first things I did was explore an alternative software system. I chose Via TRM for St. Mary’s because of the user-friendliness and the pre-application engagement.”  

Through support from IEP colleagues and the Via TRM Client Success team, Barr successfully transitioned from St. Mary’s previous software to Via TRM in time for the Oct 15th, 2018 application deadline. 

When comparing enrollment data from 2018 to 2019, St. Mary’s saw an increase of 33% in participation. The key to their growth? “The unique data that Via TRM provides helps you to connect with students in more meaningful ways. You get powerful data for every student when they create an account. For example, in the advising intake quiz, they answer questions about barriers to studying abroad. That information provides advisors with a starting point for authentic conversations.” Through the support of IEP, Barr implemented communications strategies built around the data provided in Via TRM to nurture students through the entire process. “The pre-application data in Via TRM is very powerful.” 

The benefit of working with IEP, says Barr, is that, “When you are working with an IEP consultant, you are not just getting access to one person; you are accessing an entire team of skilled, experienced professionals.” 

With the success of St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Via TRM and IEP are excited to announce a new partnership that provides software and business process solutions to study abroad offices worldwide. 

Education Abroad offices have faced immense pressure in recent months due to the far-reaching impacts of the coronavirus. The risk management policies, communication processes, and systems in place at institutions have been put to the test. In this moment, institutions have a unique opportunity to address issues that have arisen in these areas through improving processes and evaluating their “tech stack.” 

With the partnership, IEP consultants will do the heavy lifting, supporting campus staff, for the necessary processes evaluation that takes place when onboarding a new software. While IEP works to revise processes and create efficiencies, the Via TRM Client Success Team guides staff through onboarding and training. 

“Adopting new technology into your office is like traveling to a new country for the first time — most people figure out how to be successful with time, personal preparation, and training available to them before they go. Adopting new technology with IEP is like getting a local guide to meet you when you land in-country and personalize your adoption cycle.” – Samantha Martin, Founder & CEO, Via TRM

“Over the past few years institutions have showcased their support for increased student participation on education abroad programs. However, this is often met with a lack of support in increased staffing within international offices. In a time when our industry is experiencing a high rate of hiring freezes, Via TRM is the tool that, if onboarded and implemented properly, can be the resource that directly and positively impacts your office capacity.” – Scott Tayloe, Founder & CEO, IEP 

Curious to learn more about how IEP and Via TRM could support education abroad on your campus during this time? Join us for BOLD: The Next Decade in Education Abroad, a digital seminar taking place July 14th through 16th, 2020.  IEP will offer pre-seminar workshops on July 14th, 2020 available for $49.

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