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Via TRM is setup to work for the student and fit their needs. The other systems are setup to work for the administrators, ignoring the fact the the student will be the main one using the system.

Via TRM is a student friendly study abroad system that allows for students to explore their international options. Administrators have the opportunity to engage with students in a timely manner and see where each student is in their process.

William Smith II

Director of International Programs, Purdue Veterinary Sciences

Before using Via, our Study Abroad Office ran completely on paper registrations. Each week my student workers spent about 10-12 hours a week processing paper forms and entering information manually into various excel sheets. Now with the help of Via we have eliminated the time we used for paper registrations and cut down face-to-face meetings by more than half. Students now come into our office with more prior knowledge of the study abroad options available to them. An internationally based office needs to be able to work remotely from any location - only a program like Via could provide that flexibility.

In the past I found myself regurgitating information to students on a daily basis - a process that grew to be exhausting and mundane. Now students come into my office already knowing thorough knowledge of our study abroad programs. They often throw comments out such as "Via is so easy to use", "I spent hours exploring my study abroad options on Via", and "I don't have any questions. It's all listed on Via."

My favorite part about Via is how user friendly and customizable the system is. Details on study abroad programs can change overnight so having the ability to immediately update the information that my students receive is invaluable. Additionally, at any time I can view my traveler's profiles and see how far along they are with their travel documents. Via has significantly helped me maintain consistent communication with all of my students.

Rachel M. Roskoski, MBA

Coordinator of Study Abroad, Southeastern University

Working with our former system was like trying to create a machine out of bricks and twigs.
So this is heaven for us. Via TRM is so concise and clean and it’s coming to me as it should be because it’s so intuitive and clear.

Seram Lee

Program Manager, Global Programs, Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business Management

The Via TRM team is super helpful and willing to listen to suggestions. It is a practically frustration free system. The intuitive interface works well for students and the updates over time have made the whole system improve significantly in usefulness and ease of tracking. What have we achieved? Many more interested student sign ups and easier chat ability with students vs. email.

Alyssa Bell

Study Abroad Coordinator, Ohio Northern University

I recommend Via TRM to colleagues all the time! Via TRM's staffers are approachable and helpful, and they demonstrate an impressive depth of knowledge not only with their product, but with the market and needs of institutions, as well. Via TRM is easy and, frankly, fun to use. It has streamlined all of the logistical processes for outgoing students, faculty leaders, and me. I couldn't be more satisfied with the overall experience with Via TRM, from the software to the service.

User friendliness, especially for a one-person office. Ease in communicating with Via TRM staff when necessary.

Enrollment management is now a breeze. Receiving student profiles prior to scheduling advising appointments is extremely helpful. Program matching functionality is great, too.

Sarah Hart

Director of Study Abroad, Saint Vincent College

I am head-over-heels in love with the Via TRM team, and the Via TRM program itself.

I am the only study abroad staff person in my office, and it's been a real struggle managing students and applications. I am excited to see what Via TRM will do to help me reach my goal of finding a work life balance, moving away from SPREADSHEETS, being able to better communicate with students, and increase our study abroad enrollment. I highly recommend you consider joining the Via TRM family -- I promise you won't regret it.

Vienna Chapin

Study Abroad Coordinator
International Programs and Services
Michigan Technological University

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