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Via TRM is an all-in-one system for managing education abroad. Our user-friendly advising and enrollment management software helps international educators reach more students, streamline applications, and create new efficiencies.

Here’s how:

Message all view of Via TRM. Full list of travelers that an advisor can message.Program matching page. Students can choose the type of program based upon selected criteria, and be matched to programs authorized by their university.Reporting feature in Via TRM


Full List of Features

What is Via TRM?

Watch this 2 minute video for an overview of our Traveler Relationship Management solution.

Why Via TRM?

Via TRM software is functional and engaging because we know that creating good digital experiences increases trust in your organization. Our user-friendly system supports the student journey from the moment of interest, through application, participation, and alumni.

We serve one person offices as well as large organizations ready to invest in technology that makes sense for today’s students, faculty, and staff.

Our secure software is built and hosted in the cloud, allowing our clients to enjoy new releases several times a month. We build and maintain our technology and respond to the evolving needs of clients and the field of international education.


More Information About Via TRM

  • What is TRM?

    TRM stands for ‘Traveler Relationship Management’. TRM system connects travelers and advisors and includes lead capture, data storage, content management, application and forms management, messaging, reports, travel tracking, and more. TRM is a unique two-way street where travelers populate key data in order to find program matches, and advisors get the information they need and maximize their valuable time.

  • How does Program Matching work?

    Program Matching helps international educators connect travelers to right-fit programs by factoring in personal preferences such as timing, location, subject areas, type of program, language, housing, level of support, and length of program. With Via TRM, travelers rank each category in order of importance to create the most accurate, customized results. Traveler can modify preferences at any time and always have the option to view all programs.

  • Will travelers see other organization’s programs in our account?

    Travelers only see programs that our clients enable them to see. A program provider may opt to only authorize their own programs, whereas, an academic institution may elect to authorize both internal and external programs.

  • How long does it take to implement Via TRM?

    Via TRM can be implemented as a stand-alone product and typically takes less than 4 weeks. The timeline to integrate Via TRM with other systems varies by request. Our service-driven approach means we’re with you every step of the way as we guide you through our people-friendly onboarding process, designed to get you up and running successfully.

  • Can Via TRM work with our existing application system?

    Yes! Via TRM complements existing application systems by helping travelers build a profile, get matched to programs, and connect with advisors prior to application. Of course, we’d be happy to upgrade you to the ‘interest through alumni’ experience at any time.

  • Does Via TRM integrate with other systems?

    Yes! Whether it’s Banner, PeopleSoft, SalesForce or a homegrown system, Via TRM would be happy to “talk” to your other systems.

  • How does Via TRM help with risk management?

    Via TRM allows advisors to see who is ‘On-Site’ with a single click and find travelers in any part of the world in seconds. Utilizing our messaging and reporting functionality, advisors can communicate with travelers, partners, and stakeholders when it counts. Responding to an emergency in the middle of the night? Use Via TRM on any device and opt-in for the ‘Emergency Response & Check-in’ upgrade to text travelers anywhere in the world without relying on data or app downloads.

  • Why use the word “travel”?

    We use the word travel because it includes all people seeking global experiences regardless of their academic enrollment status and recognizes that “travel” is the common denominator among our clients and the populations they serve.

  • How do we schedule a demo?

    To auto-schedule a demo, click on the ‘Book a Demo’ button on our main page or contact our team.

  • Can you help us with a new website too?

    Yes! In addition to creating ‘interest through alumni’ traveler experiences, we can create a ‘start to finish’ experience to help your office make your first impression (your website!) count.

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