Study Abroad
Providers: Empower
Your Marketing Strategy with Via Connects

Access pre-qualified and interested travelers, along with their travel motivations and goals, all at a reasonable price.

Transform your marketing approach with Via Connects, a platform that offers deeper insights into student interests, motivations, and enrollment likelihood. Leave behind traditional, physically focused inquiry strategies and embrace a more cost-effective and efficient solution.

Experience the Via Connects Advantage

Compared to traditional college study abroad fairs, Via Connects delivers about 45% less cost per inquiry while providing higher quality connections. Simplify and accelerate your recruitment process by integrating Via Connects directly with your CRM and/or marketing automation platform to enhance your speed to lead.

View engaged prospects

Understand your lead’s barriers

Seamlessly connect with your CRM


Unique pageviews per year


Monthly logged in users


Program dashboard views per month


Average page bounce rate


Pages visited per session


Average sessions per user


Average revenue per traveler


Favorited programs & counting

Get Started with Via Connects Today

Seamlessly connect with students who have a Via Global account and opt-in to learn more or start an application for your program. Harness the power of Via Connects to engage genuinely interested students, optimize your recruitment efforts, and boost your marketing success!

Study Abroad Providers: Let’s elevate your marketing efforts with Via Connects by following these steps:

  • Confirm that you collaborate with a Via Partner Institution
  • Create a Via Global account for free and design eye-catching program brochures
  • Request access to Via Connects below

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Discover the Power of Via Connects
By utilizing Via Connects, you’ll receive not only the student’s name, home institution, email, program, and term of interest, but also valuable insights into their interests, buying motivations, and likelihood of enrolling. Your marketing team will appreciate the data-driven edge that Via Connects brings to the table.

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