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The Via beta program presents an exciting opportunity to gain exclusive access to our latest features while providing a platform to offer valuable feedback that can contribute to the future development of our product. 

Your Chance to Test

Our New Travel Alerts


Receive Alerts & Keep Travelers Safe

Stay informed, monitor disruptions and easily communicate with Travelers and internal teams in the event of emergencies.

Stay Informed with Real-time, 24/7 Global Alerts.

Designed to keep you informed of any disruptions in the area where your students are studying.

Access Local Emergency Services Information

Access local emergency services information swiftly during emergency situations.

Comprehensive List of On-Site Travelers

Stay updated on your travelers’ status and identify those in need of assistance quickly.

Request Traveler Safety Check-in

Travelers can check in to report they are safe or request assistance if they feel unsafe.

Historic Reporting of Risk Alerts

Analyze past incidents for valuable risk assessment insights and proactive measures.

Detailed Alert Report on Risk Alerts

Access a consolidated view of all pertinent details to make informed decisions and take prompt actions.

Sign up for the Beta Waiting List

Be among the first to try out our new Travels Alerts!

Please note that signing up does not guarantee early participation, but rest assured that our team will carefully review your eligibility. When selected, a team member will reach out to provide additional details.

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