Via Travel:
Institutional Travel Management and Compliance Software

Group Travel Management, On-Site SMS Text & Geolocation, Real-Time Alerts. That’s Via Travel.

Via Travel, our easy-to-use group travel software, helps you track and manage solo and group travel. It features on-site text and geolocations so you always know where your travelers are—anytime, anywhere in the world.

What’s unique about this group travel management software? With batch functionality, you can text and email several students about their wellness and safety instead of just one student at a time. Easily create travel plans, from power users to first-time travelers. And with Via Travel’s map filter, you can see on a map where your travelers are located.

Via Travel also helps you effortlessly comply with the Clery Act by providing accurate and timely information, including pulling a list of locations where your student travelers have stayed in the past year.

Popular Features

Travel Registration/Details

Track any institution-related travel your office needs to administer, from students to faculty to staff. Get as granular as you want, from travel dates to a traveler’s plane seat number. Designate a group leader, approve travel, enter group plans, manage excursions—and so much more.

SafeCheck SMS Text and Geolocation

View who is onsite at the drop of a hat so you can report, manage, and communicate with your travelers. With SafeCheck, you can text, email, and geolocate any enrolled traveler.

Robust Reporting

With Via Travel’s robust reporting, you can communicate with your travelers when emergencies arise, compile mobility data, and manage location and status of onsite travelers—past, present, and future.

Gain Access to Real-time Risk Alerts with Via Travel

Via TRM’s Via Travel gives you access to real-time 24/7 worldwide risk alerts and traveler check-ins including personalized alerts, country travel risk data, all based on your institutional needs.
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