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Via Travel: Solo and Group Travel Software

Access a free, self-guided product demo of Via Travel.

Simplify Travel

  • Solo & Group Travel Management
  • On-site Text & Geolocation

  • Easy Itinerary Management
  • Integration with other software

Access a free, self-guided product demo of Via.

Key Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have both Via Travel and Via Global?2020-10-22T21:28:33+00:00

You’ve got a full suite of Traveler Relationship Management tools to draw from that seamlessly work together! For example, you can associate global programs in Via Global with trips in Via Travel with a click of a button.  Traveler profile information populated in one will become automatically available in the other with the adoption of both products.

How is Via Travel similar to or different from Tripit, Travify, Concur Locate, Lolita, WeTravel or other travel platforms?2020-10-20T16:22:29+00:00

Via Travel is an affordable Traveler Relationship Management platform for education, non-profit, and higher education organizations who send and manage solo and group travelers as a part of their daily operations. The primary goal for Via Travel Clients is to manage information and communication related to travelers and travel, many of whom create and manage their own travel programs. By comparison, platforms such as Concur Locate or Lolita are for corporate travel managers to track bookings and expenses related to travel. Consumer travel apps like TripIt are for individuals and personal friend or family groups, but not organizational travel. Similar to WeTravel, Via Travel can be the back office for tour operators and educational travel organizations; Via Travel, however, includes duty of care and direct-to-traveler communications features in addition to group travel registration.

How is Via Global similar to or different from Terra Dotta, Symplicity Horizons, or Embark?2020-10-20T16:09:42+00:00

Just like #everystudent is unique and drawn to the program that’s right for them, every campus is unique and chooses study abroad and travel management software that fits their values and student, faculty and staff needs. Via TRM was founded by a former study abroad advisor who built a team of technology, design, and business experts to usher in next generation software solutions that are user-friendly for everyone. By design, all Via TRM software is simple to set up and requires no “tech speak” or prior knowledge of software. Finally, Via TRM supports all software products with a U.S.-based Client Success team who is dedicated to an approachable, responsive, and proactive client success & support model.

Can Via TRM software integrate with other software?2020-10-20T15:52:06+00:00

Yes! Via Travel and Via Global can integrate with ERP, payment, marketing, CRM, insurance assistance platforms, and many other software.

Can we give Group Leaders limited access to just their trips?2020-10-16T20:04:53+00:00

Yes! Administrators can invite Group Leaders to a group travel plan to allow them to only view and manage travelers associated with that specific trip.

Does Via TRM support Single sign-on (SSO)?2020-10-20T15:46:23+00:00

Yes! Although it is not necessary to adopt Single sign-on to use Via TRM software, we can implement SSO authentication on any of our software products.

Can we invite faculty members into the software?2020-10-20T15:55:49+00:00

Yes! Via Travel and Via Global have customizable user types to allow administrators to invite faculty to only access specific programs, travel details, travelers/participants, etc.

Can we link programs to travel plans in Via Travel?2020-10-20T15:39:42+00:00

Yes! From a travel plan in Via Travel you can associate a program from Via Global with the click of a button. Simple!

Can we customize the color scheme?2020-10-16T20:04:07+00:00

Yes! Via Travel and Via Global allow higher education institutions, non-profits, and private sector organizations to enter in their custom brand colors into Via TRM software.

Are there automatic notifications?2021-03-25T20:34:07+00:00

Yes! Both Via Global and Via Travel notify users of upcoming deadlines, status updates, new messages, and more so that program and travel managers can cut out manual reminders and focus on more important tasks at hand.

Can we create custom reports?2020-10-20T15:54:43+00:00

Yes! Via Travel and Via Global allow administrative users to narrow down their data set, select a report type, name it, and export it into a zip or CSV file.

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Access a free, self-guided product demo of Via Travel.

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