Via Global: Study Abroad Software for Our Partners in Education Abroad

Innovative, intuitive, and affordable education abroad management tools for offices small and large.

Simplify study abroad—and your workday—and reach students before they apply with Via Global, our flagship study abroad software for Education Abroad, international programs, and exchange offices. This innovative, intuitive, and affordable solution allows our partners, from top senders to one-person offices and providers, to easily manage internal and authorized programs, applications, recruit and advise students, generate reports, and much more.

Via Global connects our partners in Education Abroad with travelers even before they apply for global travel. Not only does this study abroad software make the workday easier for our clients, Via Global is beloved by travelers who find it visually appealing, intuitive, and easy to use. Because student travelers can easily navigate our study abroad software, this saves our partners even more time.

See how Via’s study abroad software can empower global experiences.

Popular Features

Program Matching/Advising Quiz

With our program matching/advising quiz, you’ll learn more about your students even before they step foot in your office. The quiz results show your students’ countries of interest, time of travel, participation barriers and goals, and other qualitative data. See what students want, get everyone on the same page, and get time back in your day with this feature.

Centralized Operations Hub

Have your study abroad software work for you and do away with manual tracking and communication. You can view forms and applications and batch approve them, too. You can also organize all of your information and communication, from recommendation letters to advising notes and even event management. Imagine the time you’ll save with batching alone!

Real-Time Reporting

Have the information you need right at your fingertips with reporting built into every dashboard. From traveler to event dashboards, our robust filters allow you to review multiple applications at once and pinpoint the data your administration wants, from where students are in the world right down to their majors. You can easily pull information for IIE Open Doors Report, too.

Constant and Continual Innovation

Via believes everybody deserves to have a stress-free workday. That’s why we’re always working to improve Via Global and our other software solutions. We ask questions and deeply listen to our clients in Education Abroad, from small privates to large publics and Ivy Leagues to local community colleges. We regularly hold free trainings for new clients and long-time clients who want to make the most of Via Global. Monthly theme-based, user research sessions aid in our commitment to building products with our clients. With a responsive and agile team, we’re able to take what we learn from our clients to make our products better and more impactful.

As Lisa Stern, Via’s Chief Client Officer, says: “We are where we are from listening to our clients. Most have been doing this for a long time so we learn a lot from them.”

Save Money with Via Global

Not only will you save time with Via Global, but you’ll save money. We’ll never nickel and dime you. Instead, when you sign on for our affordable study abroad software, you won’t be charged by band, application, or profile. Via helps you get potential travelers into your system so you can get to know them and their goals, interests, and needs. What you pay for Via Global is based on per onsite traveler application—once a traveler is approved (i.e., applied, accepted, and started the program).

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