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Frustrated by her study abroad office’s antiquated, complicated, and expensive software system and driven to create innovative, intuitive, and affordable software for her colleagues in the International Education community, Samantha Martin founded Via in 2012.

She chose the name “Via,” Latin for “way” or “road,” because it evokes going from one place to another.

Via’s partners are colleges, universities, and study abroad providers that believe what we believe: Global experiences change the world. Through Via’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, international educators are empowered to engage #everystudent and #everytraveler in education abroad, from consideration to exploration to participation.

Via’s Mission

Empower leaders in the international education community to engage every student, faculty member, and traveler in global experiences through innovative, powerful, and user-focused Traveler Relationship and Risk Management (TRM) software. Our focus on #everytraveler means leaders across the world have the tools they need to engage, enroll, manage, and connect with students and travelers from every background at every stage of their journey abroad.

Via’s Vision

Powering the next generation of global citizens. We’re revolutionizing global travel through transformative technology that empowers international educators to connect students and travelers with global experiences that positively impact their lives, classrooms, workplaces, and communities, ultimately making the world a better place.

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