Via’s Referral Program: Our Way to Say Thanks!

From Strategic Consulting Sessions to a Student Scholarships, You’ll Like Our Rewards

Through our referral program, we want to keep that momentum going with the help of people who believe what we believe. Together, we can inspire and support more global experiences by inviting more universities and providers to partner with Via so they, too, can benefit from our travel risk management and TRM software.

Meet Via’s Referral Program

Our referral program rewards those who refer Via—whether you’re an existing client or not. Here’s how you know if you’re a good fit for our referral program:

Via Clients: Do you know someone in your network who could benefit from the value you get from our traveler relationship management and TRM software? Someone who is struggling with their current system—or someone who doesn’t have a system in place?

Non-Clients: Have you heard good things about Via? Have you moved to a new institution and miss working with us? Let’s set up a demo or consultation.

Study Abroad Program Providers: Does your program’s mission align with ours? Let’s leverage our mutual networks to add maximum value to the field.

Reap the Rewards

To qualify for rewards, your referral must become a Via client within one year—and you must be the sole source of referral.

Once those two boxes are checked, get ready to enjoy your reward.

We’ll give you all the details when the time comes, but you can look forward to receiving one of the following:

Student International
Travel Scholarship

Donation to a Via
Minded Nonprofit

And, of Course,
Gift Cards

Spread the Word

Are you interested in Via or know someone who could benefit from partnering with us? Tell us more!
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