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    Traveler Relationship Management

    Combining traveler, program or trip data, content, communication, and workflow management into user-friendly software.

    Higher Education

    Colleges & Universities

    Simplify travel management across campus for risk managers, study abroad/exchange, business school, sports teams, medical research, and more.

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    Group Travel

    Program & Tour Operators

    Simplify group travel for faculty or teacher-led student groups, adventure & wellness tours, sports teams, musical groups, medical tours, and more.

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    Program Providers


    Simplify domestic & international travel program recruitment, enrollment, and duty of care. Enhance your reach & improve on-site coordination.

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    Travelers Served

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    Via TRM started out simplifying study abroad for universities, program providers, and their students in 2016 with Via Global. Study abroad & travel evolved in 2020 and so have we. With Via Travel, we now help academic institutions, risk management offices, non-profits, and private sector organizations simplify solo & group travel at home and abroad.

    two computer desktops displaying the Via TRM software products, Via Global and Via Travel
    Heather C.
    User and administrator friendly All of the staff that we have worked with at Via TRM are excellent and know their stuff! They are very open to conversations about our needs, ways to use the system, and suggesting options that we hadn't considered before. The whole set up process was relatively stress free and extremely well-guided. We feel confident in being able to use the system and know that we will have the support along the way to make the most of it. ☺It is visually very appealing and has functions that allow it to also be a marketing tool in addition to a management tool. Some initial tests with students show that they are impressed the format and are eager to use it. ☹Nothing yet that seems to be a negative.
    Teresa Z.
    Via is a game changer! Via TRM support has been fantastic. Right from the start, they assisted us with getting Via up and running. They helped us get it integrated with the University's Banner system and ensure that the data stays updated and accurate. Any time that I sought out help, Via was there listening to my concerns and finding solutions. It has been a pleasure to work with Via! ☺I like that everything is in one system. Via helps us manage program brochures, student applications, and registration forms. It's easy for students, faculty coordinators, and admin staff to use. ☹I would like if the program brochures would be available to anyone to see without having to sign in as a admin or traveler. This would allow parents and academic advisors to see our program portfolio without us having to keep a separate database on our website.
    Denise L.
    Responsive Staff and Functional Education Abroad Application Management Software It is much easier to track and review education abroad applications and student forms now that we have implemented Via TRM. With a click of a button, you can view each form, and through the reporting functions, view which students have completed which forms. This has cut down on paper use in our office and has sped up the way we review applications! ☺The Via TRM support staff are quick to respond to any issues that may come up on the program brochure/application/form side, or student-facing side of Via TRM. Our office purchased Via TRM after having all paper forms. The electronic applications and forms are easy to create/ the transition went very smoothly. It is very easy to pull up a student now on Via TRM to review their application and forms at any time. We are grateful to have this online platform. ☹It would be helpful if in the main/general "traveler" view when you first log in, if you could see what program(s) those students have applied to/are applying to right in that view where it says "interested" or "applying" and the date of last activity (rather than having to filter by program). You also can't customize the program brochure to a large extent (adding cost sheets that our office has created, adding a separate section for academics to explain courses for each international institution). However, I know there is a wish list of items they gather from Via TRM clients, and they work hard to implement suggestions that may benefit everyone - which we appreciate!

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