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About the Via Team

Core Values

Add Ideas to Ideas

Innovate by improving others’ ideas and welcoming enhancements to your own, while staying connected to the big picture through cross-industry learning. Look for ways to address issues when change is needed for the greater good.

We've Got your Back

Be reliable, accountable, and trustworthy, doing what you say and saying what you do. Provide support, offer collaboration and constructive feedback, and always boost your teammates that help you with good vibes to spread gratitude.

If Not Me, Who?

Be action-oriented and proactive, addressing problems without waiting for others. Offer observations and ideas first, and ensure completion of both big and small tasks. Instead of waiting for problems to be solved – take initiative!

Eyes on Data, Ears on People

Make decisions based on data, using both information and compassion as your guide. Consider the statistics carefully while also listening attentively to people’s perspectives and feelings.

Do the Right Thing

Respond with kindness and compassion, maintaining positivity about clients and competition. When others go low, we go high, remembering that blowing out others’ candles doesn’t make ours burn brighter.

Leadership & Operations

Dave Saben

Chief Executive Officer

Tampa, FL

Lisa Stern

Board Chair/Strategic Advisor

Franklin, MI

Samantha Martin

Founder & Strategic Advisor

Boulder, CO

Trevor Stiegelmar

Vice President of Operations

Aurora, CO

Gary Strader

Vice President of Engineering

 Austin, TX

Chelsea Balderson

Vice President of Experience

 Orlando, FL

Client Success & Outreach

Bob Specking

Area Vice President,Ed Abroad

St. Louis, MO


Chad Kinart

Area Vice President,ISSS

 Minneapolis, MN

Colton Oliphant

Regional Director

 Palouse, WA


Vanessa Escoto

Director of Partner Services

Pittsburgh, PA

Amanda Lentz

Partner Support Specialist

 Charlotte, NC

Nicole Neese

Experience Manager

 Orlando, FL

Product & Development

Alex (Chef) Mathieu

Director of Technology

Denver, CO

Jason Rowe

Product Manager, ISSS

 Boston, MA


Andrea Dvorak

Product Owner, Ed Abroad

 Minneapolis, MN

Krystle Karee

UX/UI Designer

 Miami, FL

Meet our Coworkers 🐾

You may see (or hear) these exceptionally talented team members on your calls with Via.

Luna 🍞

Vice Pawsident of International Affection

Mambo 🥗

Chief Treat Officer


Rocky 🚗

Pup Cup Engineer

Ryder 🐿️

Product Durability Tester

Jackson 💤

Product Palatability Tester

Dutchy 💸

Chief Biscuit Officer

Queen Boudica 📱

Sales Closer

Klaus 🐟

Executive Assistant of Sales

Burt 🦜

Chief Parrot Officer

Baine 📟

Senior Barking Officer

Elliot 🍔

Pawsome Distance Support Officer (PDSO)




Buncie 👀

Executive Protection Specialist

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