Our team is made up of engineers, entrepreneurs, educators, and technologists united by a shared passion for making travel simple and accessible.

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      Samantha Martin Headshot

      Samantha Martin


      Samantha is the CEO and founder of Via TRM. Previously, she worked as a Study Abroad Advisor at SUNY New Paltz and a Program Coordinator at IEP at Jacksonville University. Samantha completed an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Ulster in Derry, Northern Ireland on a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship. Her original inspiration for starting a career in international education was a semester study abroad program in Cyprus on a Gilman Scholarship.

      Lisa Stern Headshot

      Lisa Stern


      As the CFO & Strategic Advisor, Lisa’s mission is to ensure that Via TRM maintains financial integrity, stability and accountability. In addition, Lisa plays an integral role in creating company strategy and ensuring that client experience is a seamless, positive and productive relationship throughout each interaction with Via TRM. Previously, Lisa was the CEO and Founder of Big Communications – a pharmaceutical healthcare marketing agency for nearly 20 years. Her original inspiration for helping create global opportunities for young people stemmed from a junior year study abroad program in Paris in 1989 and a ‘family’ year abroad in Paris in 2010.


      Gary Strader


      Gary is the Lead Engineer at Via TRM. Gary has been developing applications for nearly 25 years. He’s worked for large corporations, such as General Motors, as well as several startups, delivering value to millions of customers. He’s a natural leader, going back to his days in the Army National Guard where he was recognized for his leadership skills. Gary’s deep experience and dedication to the team differentiates him from the herd.

      Bridgett Coyle


      Bridgett plays a vital role at Via TRM supporting clients and helping to build our next generation technology. Previously, she worked as a client engagement specialist at Zillow and a Data Analyst and Ecommerce Operations Specialist at Sports Authority.

      Micaela Mathre


      As the Director of Marketing and Client Experience at Via TRM, Micaela leads efforts to reach colleges and universities with Via’s mission to engage every traveler in global opportunities, and oversees the Client Experience. Previously, Micaela worked with the Institute of International Education and helped lead the Generation Study Abroad campaign. Her background includes building and scaling marketing functions for education technology startups. The common thread throughout her background has been a curiosity about the potential of human-centered technology and a commitment to student success.