Via Helps Study Abroad Providers Seamlessly Partner with Campuses

Create Free Program Brochures that Live on our SaaS Platform

As a study abroad provider, you trumpet the importance of global experiences every day. You help students see the value of taking their college experience far beyond their campus. You open the door to the world through your exceptional program offerings.

Via, too, believes in the value of powering global experiences. That’s why we developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that’s focused on Traveler Relationship and Risk Management. With our innovative software solutions, Via Global and Via Travel, we help make the workday easier for those in the Education Abroad field—including study abroad providers like you.

Help Your Programs Stand Out

With Via, you can seamlessly partner with universities while also helping your programs stand out from the crowd. You can use Via to build custom program brochures that live on our SaaS platform—free. From sharing program details to scholarship opportunities, you’ll have the tools you need to create informative (and visually appealing) brochures that answer top-of-mind questions for travelers. You can even include hyperlinks to your programs and drive traffic directly to your website!

Reach More Students with Via

With just one click, campus administrators can easily batch-approve and make your programs visible to thousands of students. And when you update a program, your updates appear automatically to everyone in the Via network. That means your campus partners will no longer have to download updates or changes. And when students show interest in your programs, you’ll receive instant notifications.

Let Via Support Your Application Workflow

In addition to connecting your programs to thousands of students, Via can also power your student engagement and application processes—just like we do our institutional clients. If you’re marketing to (and working directly with) students, let Via be your strategic resource and database. If you’re looking for student, application, and program data to connect with your CRM, Via can do that too. We can integrate with various CRMs to create a full service of traveler relationship management and business analytics for your company.

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