2020 Resilience Grants

When phrases like “in uncertain and difficult times” have become the norm, Via TRM, along with IEP and StudentUniverse, is introducing Resilience Grants to support the international education community and curate a community space for stories of resilience to be shared.

Grant Application Due May 15, 2020. *DEADLINE EXTENDED: May 22, 2020

What are the Resilience Grants?

  • $1,000 for an education abroad office to further education abroad participation*
  • $500 education abroad consulting package from IEP

*Must be approved by the appropriate university official. If approval cannot be granted, a donation will be made to a study abroad scholarship.

  • A $500 flight voucher from StudentUniverse will be included in the first grant of the three grants awarded

Who is eligible for a Resilience Grant?

  • Education abroad offices with at least one full time staff member dedicated to education abroad in the United States or New Zealand are eligible to apply.

How many Resilience Grants will be awarded?

  • Three Resilience Grants will be awarded. Two are open to any education abroad office in the United States or New Zealand and one Resilience Grant will be given to a Via TRM Client.

What can we use the Resilience Grant for?

  • The Resilience Grant must be used to support recruiting, advising, and/or enrollment for global opportunities. The Resilience Grant cannot be awarded to an individual in an education abroad office.

Available uses for $1,000 Award from Via TRM:

  • Diversity & Inclusion initiatives with the stated and/or proven ability to help minority students access global opportunities
  • Recruitment or outreach to students (e.g. SEO spend, costs associated with filming and editing a study abroad video, etc.)
  • Funding student employees, staff, or paid internships in the study abroad office for peer advising and general support of education abroad advocacy
  • Direct support for one or more study abroad students (e.g. scholarship, travel stipend, reimbursement for a COVID19 Spring or Summer 2020 program expense, etc.)
  • Resources and programming for study abroad students from Spring or Summer 2020
  • Software or technology subscriptions directly supporting the study abroad office
  • Consulting for education abroad

For the IEP consulting package, the following are available through the grant:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Setting strategic goals for your office and institution
  • Redefining enrollment success post COVID-19
  • Data Analysis
  • What to collect, how to analyze, and why it matters
  • Gathering insights from historical data (Core Customer)
  • Marketing and Outreach Support
  • Marketing and outreach in a season of uncertainty
  • Define and optimize the student journey from interest to re-entry
  • Creative Capacity in a Pandemic
  • Preparing for a future with limited staffing and/or a reduced operating budget
  • Evaluating your COVID-19 emergency response, how prepared were you?

For the StudentUniverse flight voucher:

  • Must be used for a study abroad student.

About the sponsors of the Resilience Grant:

via logo

Via TRM empowers every advisor to engage #everystudent in global opportunities with next generation Traveler Relationship Management software. Via TRM technology is user-friendly, affordable, and supported by a best-in-class Client experience & support team. More than 60 colleges and universities use Via TRM for outreach, advising, application management, pre-departure, risk management, and travel tracking.


IEP is an education abroad consulting firm supporting universities and colleges in their international education initiatives through staffing, project management, individualized consultancy and coaching. International education is more important now than ever, and we applaud the resiliency, strength, and dedication shown by our field during this crisis.

Learn More about IEP Consulting

student universe logo

StudentUniverse is one of the world’s leading travel booking sites for students and young adults under 26. We’re partnered with more than 90 airlines including United Airlines, British Airways, Air China and more to give you exclusive student flight discounts that can’t be found anywhere else. On top of that, we also offer frequent promo codes to make your flight the cheapest it can possibly be. A little history: we launched the site in 2000 and students liked us so much that we were acquired by Flight Centre Travel Group in 2015. We call Waltham, MA home (right outside of Boston) but also have pretty cool offices in London and the Philippines.

Learn More about Student Universe

Application & Awards

Submit your completed application by midnight Pacific Time on May 15, 2020. Only one application per office will be accepted. An individual or a group from the same office can submit an application.

Grant awards will be announced by June 30, 2020 by Via TRM.

Via TRM Clients will automatically be entered into the Via TRM Client Resilience Grant competition as well as the general education abroad community competition.

By applying for the Resilience Grant, you agree that if your application is chosen, your Resilience Story (in written or video format) can be shared by Via TRM, IEP, or StudentUniverse on their websites and official social media spaces.

All applicants will have the option to opt-in for Via TRM, IEP and StudentUniverse to share your resilience stories prior to and after the awards are announced. Your decision to share your resilience story publicly will not factor into the grant decision.

Apply Here

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