Company Announcement Summer 2021

Via TRM is opening up a new chapter in 2021. We are welcoming new team members and Clients, onboarding a new cohort onto our new travel risk management product, and supporting our entire base as enrollment in mobility programs ramp up.

We’re also growing and changing the Via TRM team. After more than 8 years, our Founder & CEO, Samantha Martin, will be transitioning into a new Strategic Advisor role this summer and our longtime CFO & Strategic Advisor Lisa Stern will serve as Interim CEO starting July 1, 2021. Via TRM looks forward to announcing the new CEO soon (stay tuned!).

Via TRM is in great hands this summer with Lisa Stern in the interim role. Prior to Via TRM, she was the Founder & CEO for more than 20 years at her own company with 135+ employees and she has been working side by side with Samantha and the Via TRM team for the past 6 years.

Reflecting on her time as CEO at Via TRM and her decision to transition in her role, Samantha says:

“Building Via TRM with the team and our Clients, and with support from investors, family, colleagues, and friends has been the greatest learning experience and privilege of my life. I feel grateful for the opportunity to support the company and our mission in this new way moving forward.”

In her new role as strategic advisor, Samantha will support the interim CEO and new team members through a transition this summer and remains committed to helping the company succeed in their vision and mission to power the next generation of global citizens by engaging #everystudent and #everytraveler in global opportunities.

She will be enjoying some tech-free time in her home in Boulder, Colorado and traveling this summer to catch up with family and friends. Drop her a note at

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