Study Abroad Association Event Runs February 28th through March 4th

Via believes global experiences change the world. The Study Abroad Association is dedicated to increasing study abroad participation for students and faculty across the world. In April 2020, we knew we were aligned with SAA after the launch of SAA’s 360 GLE™ (Global Learning Experiences) platform, which allows everyone access to a self-paced, in-depth, global education. Formalizing our partnership with SAA demonstrates our commitment to the international education community and access for #everystudent #everytraveler. We’re pleased to share SAA’s Global Learning Fest in this blog.

The Study Abroad Association wanted to bring people together from around the world to celebrate international education in the spring. With that goal in mind, the SAA started the Global Learning Fest.

Attend the 2022 Global Learning Fest and dive into all things global education!

The 2022 event starts on International Study Abroad Day, February 28, and runs through March 4. The Global Learning Fest is free and open to everyone at colleges and universities across the world. It will include events each day, such as a professional development workshop for faculty and IE staff.

The GL Fest gives students, faculty and staff the opportunity to explore other countries and cultures, says PJ Shoulders, director of Institutional Partnerships and Marketing for the Study Abroad Association.

“We will have fun and interactive livestreaming events from Costa Rica, Morocco and Hungary,” Shoulders says. “Attendees can learn about the importance of the Costa Rican tropical rainforest; explore Morocco’s kaleidoscope of cultures, religions, and ethnicities; and take a food tour through Budapest’s Central Market Hall.”

Each fall, SAA observes International Education Week (IEW), which celebrates the benefits of IE and exchange worldwide. But SAA wanted a spring event that would be held before students went abroad for the summer through SAA’s faculty-led programs, Shoulders explains.

“The GL Fest is a great way for students and faculty to get a taste of the fun and interesting activities they will experience while abroad,” she says. “They’ll have the chance to meet and interact with our local experts from around the world.”

Through talking with their partner institutions, SAA learned that they, too were looking for international events in the spring to help recruit students for study abroad programs and to provide global learning opportunities for faculty and students.

“With our extensive global network of professional guest lecturers, guides and faculty, we knew we could help our partners and fill this need,” she says.

The Global Learning Fest was born.

Shoulders says kicking off SAA’s GL Fest on Study Abroad Day was intentional and “is perfect” because study abroad is at the core of the SAA mission. SAA began as a collaborative effort between colleges and universities across the U.S. that are dedicated to increasing study abroad participation among students and faculty on their campuses, Shoulders explains.

The Study Abroad Association, dedicated to increasing study abroad participation for students and faculty across the world.

“That aligns directly with the mission of Study Abroad Day to highlight and bring awareness to the benefits and impact of studying abroad.”

During this year’s GL Fest, SAA will showcase its new Global 360 courses for faculty and IE professionals. Institutions can see a demo of these stand-alone courses and also explore the courses on their own. Anyone who completes a tour of their new Humanities in Italy mini course can enter a drawing to win $2,000 off a 360 GLE™ annual subscription.

GL Fest attendees will have free access to SAA’s 360 GLE™ platform, giving them “a great opportunity to explore our innovative, fully immersive and interactive platform that allows everyone access to self-paced global education. Students love it,” Shoulders says.

IE professionals and faculty can also take a test drive to see how the 360 GLE™ can assist with internationalizing the curriculum, recruitment for study abroad programs, and providing global education to all students.

But the best part of the Global Learning Fest, Shoulders says, is celebrating international education by bringing the community together from around the world.

“There is something for everyone to enjoy,” she says.

To attend the Global Learning Fest, register for free now.

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Like the Study Abroad Association, Via TRM believes global experiences will change our world. That’s why we created traveler relationship management and travel risk management software, which helps universities and organizations empower global experiences. Reach out if you want to learn how Via can help lighten your workday.


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