“With the right passion, anything is possible”

Passion, possibility, and collaberations were the recurring themes from Via’s 2023 In-Real-Life Meet-Up in Michigan. It was a gathering where a supportive group of talented and passionate individuals came together, focusing on forging a brighter future for the international education industry. Here are our highlights from this energizing time spent together.

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The Via Team enjoying a welcome dinner at Como’s Resturant in Ferndale, MI.

Connecting in a Digital Age & Future of the Via Team 

At Via, we are using tools to work more collaboratively in a remote-first environment. This get-together showed us that being connected online can help us join forces and bring in diverse ideas, making our team bond stronger and our thinking more varied.

At our meet-up, we also talked about how great it is to work in a place that lets you be you. By being open to change and working together, we’re getting ready for new and exciting things in the world of work.

We believe that when a bunch of enthusiastic people come together, they can really change how we think about productivity, creativity, and having a good balance between work and fun. The spirit of Via really shows in how happy and satisfied our colleagues feel. We are proud of the friendly and positive culture we have built at Via – and guess what? It’s only going to get even better!

Making a Difference Through Community Initiatives

At Via, we firmly believe in extending a helping hand. This was showcased when we joined forces with the remarkable team at Brilliant Detroit. Brilliant Detroit is an inspiring organization focused on improving child literacy rates and enhancing family support systems in local neighborhoods, underlining the beautiful outcomes that arise when passion aligns with purpose.

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Via’s Team helping Brilliant Detroit volunteers with a much-needed project.

The Via team touring Brilliant Detroit's Headquarters

The Via team touring Brilliant Detroit’s Headquarters

About Brilliant Detroit & Their Purpose:

It is well-established that the foundational key to lifelong success for a student hinges significantly on their ability to read proficiently by the age of 8. This pivotal age marks a transition in the educational framework, where the emphasis shifts from learning to read to reading to learn. Mastery in reading by this age sets the stage for a smoother transition into understanding and absorbing complex concepts, as the focus evolves to reading comprehension. A strong foundation in reading skills before this age can have a far-reaching impact, influencing how efficiently students build upon their academic skills and adapt to the escalating demands of higher education levels.

Since its inception in 2016, Brilliant Detroit has revitalized 18 houses in various neighborhoods throughout Detroit, MI, transforming them into vibrant community centers. These centers serve as bustling hubs where neighborhood members actively participate in crafting actionable strategies aimed at enhancing literacy rates. However, their efforts don’t stop at promoting reading; they encompass a holistic approach to nurturing a child’s path to success. This includes offerings like family group counseling and cooking classes, among other initiatives. Through these multifaceted efforts, each center blossoms into a true embodiment of the neighborhood it serves, mirroring its unique characteristics and aspirations. Their ethos of “passion and partnership meets purpose” aligns seamlessly with Via’s vision. Both of our organizations share a commitment to shaping a brighter future by enabling communities to collaboratively pave the way for a more promising tomorrow.

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Lisa Stern, Trevor Stiegelmar, David Saben, and group at a farewell dinner.

Collaborating on Global Impact 

At Via, we understand the value of global partnerships. We’re committed to collaborating with partners worldwide to foster growth and drive positive change in the international education sector, showcasing the potential that exists when we unite on a global scale.

After looking at shaping the future, our team is even more certain than ever that utilizing others’ strengths can only help the IE community we serve. We reflected on our newest partner, StudentUniverse, who is helping reduce the largest barrier of cost to study abroad through discounted travel and accommodation rates.

If you feel your organization’s mission aligns with Via’s, reach out to us here: Via Partners

Read about Via’s Partnership with StudentUniverse

Via’s Culture is Like No Other

The unique culture at Via was evident during our time together. Our team is focused on solving big problems together, always working to foster positive change and support international education professionals using our unique skillsets.

This was clear when our newest team members, Phaze Roeder and Amanda Lentz, openly shared challenges to solve based on their own prior experiences working in international education. Or when a group of team members from all departments jumped in to give ideas to help a client with a process they needed to refine. Together, we are a force of inspiration and determination, aiming to uplift and assist each other and the international education professionals we engage with daily.

As we approach 2024, Via is gearing up to initiate projects that will have a significant impact globally, influencing the lives of students and educators everywhere.

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Colton Oliphant, Via’s Regional Director, shares his thoughts on the culture at Via.

Stay tuned as we step into a future filled with opportunities and growth, united in our mission to make a difference. 

Join us on this journey, as we continue to work towards reshaping the landscape of education, driven by a shared passion and commitment to change. The adventure is just getting started!

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