Most In-Demand Study Abroad Programs 2023

Over the years, more students have got the opportunity to experience academic life abroad. Though the last two years with the pandemic limited study abroad opportunities, things are now returning to normal. And with the learning opportunities and growth benefits that a study abroad program can impart on a student, it’s no surprise that more students would take part in these programs given the chance.

By studying in a foreign country, students get to experience other cultures. As they meet and encounter people that they don’t usually do so at home, their worldview also expands. And should a country be non-English speaking, it’s also an opportunity for the student to become fluent in a language by conversing with native speakers on a daily basis.

Fortunately, there are tons of study abroad programs out there that accommodate various degrees. So without further ado, let’s look at some of the most in-demand programs for 2023 in the list below:

International Studies

This is one of the most relevant programs on the list when it comes to studying abroad. That’s because the topics covered in Maryville University’s international studies program cover global culture, history, and politics. Here, you can learn more about global issues as well as focus on topics such as foreign art, economics, and even literature. American universities offer some of the most comprehensive international studies programs. The University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, for instance, teach classes on international political economy, foreign policy, and even non-Western social science. On top of that, both offer a range of study abroad programs that vary from language-focused to country-specific political studies.


Business is a deeply global career. After college, you meet with company representatives from across the world. By taking up business courses abroad, you gain a diverse cultural awareness that could shape your business practices for international dealings. Some of the best study-abroad programs for business majors include Texas A&M University’s and UC Berkeley’s. These can take you to vibrant places like Hong Kong, South Africa and Moscow. The universities also offer semester-long courses that teach business fundamentals and the native languages of the respective schools. They can also provide you with volunteer opportunities abroad.

Art History

A study-abroad art history program brings you closer to the type of art you want to specialize in. Each country has an extensive collection of artworks that resonate with its culture. By studying in countries with rich art histories, you can easily visit museums housing these collections, and see the pieces you learn about in real life. Not to mention, these countries would have a lot of educational materials on their own art history than any other country would. Whether you choose to take up art history programs in Paris, Madrid, or Florence—via reputable institutions such as University of Southern California and University of Iowa—you are essentially immersing yourself in the cultural context of the historical art you are studying.

Public Health

Wherever you are in the world, public health programs prepare professionals that work on the physical well-being of a society. By taking this program abroad, you learn how other countries approach public health issues and how they design their healthcare systems based on their culture and environment. Some of the topics covered in public health study-abroad programs of established schools–University of Washington and New York University, to name a couple–include healthcare systems, traditional medicine, as well as health emergency preparation based on the country you choose to study in.

Foreign Language

In the United States, statistics show that the top languages undergraduate students are currently learning are Korean, Arabic, and Japanese. Though this statistic takes up learning in specific language institutes, opting for university language programs instead can give you a richer learning experience by helping you study about and in the country you’re interested in. Look for universities that partner up with foreign schools for intensive language programs. Michigan State University, for example, collaborates with Yonsei University for their Korean exchange program. On the other hand, Indiana University Bloomington works with the Arab American Language Institute in Morocco for Arabian studies. Meanwhile, Ohio State University offers an exchange program in Japanese with Hokkaido University.

Studying abroad can be difficult, but ultimately rewarding. It offers you opportunities to not only immerse yourself in a different culture, but to understand your home institution program through a different perspective that can only be obtained abroad.

Written by J Newman 

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