Via TRM Joins National Study Abroad Day to Celebrate Global Learning

Celebrating Five Years: The Journey of National Study Abroad Day

 February 26th marks a special occasion in the world of international education – it’s the 5th anniversary of National Study Abroad Day! This day is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the enriching experiences that come with studying in different parts of the world. It’s also a day to acknowledge the profound impact that such experiences have on personal and academic growth, cultural understanding, and global interconnectedness.

 At Via TRM, we are thrilled to align with the mission of National Study Abroad Day. Our commitment to powering global experiences and broadening educational horizons resonates deeply with the goals of this special day. It’s an opportunity for us to reinforce our dedication to expanding the frontiers of learning beyond conventional boundaries.

Enhance your celebration of National Study Abroad Day by downloading the Media Tool Kit. This kit, filled with engaging resources like social media images, a coloring book, our official logo, and Zoom backgrounds, offers creative ways to participate in and promote this global event. 

Forum EA + Via _ Barriers & Opportunities in EA 2022 - Chart

The Journey to National Study Abroad Day: From Concept to Celebration

Forum EA + Via _ Barriers & Opportunities in EA 2022 - Chart
The story of National Study Abroad Day began with a chance encounter and a shared vision. Erin Kunert and Jessica Mulvihill, while serving on a panel for the IIE Generation Study Abroad scholarship, sparked a conversation that would lead to something extraordinary. “If there’s a National Pickle Day, there has to be a National Study Abroad Day,” Jessica remarked. This idea, met with Erin’s enthusiasm, planted the seed for what would become a significant annual event in the world of international education
This annual event, held on the last Monday in February, became a canvas for universities, colleges, and organizations to creatively celebrate and promote the benefits of studying abroad. The mission of Study Abroad Day is clear: to highlight the profound impact and benefits of study abroad experiences. It builds upon the foundations laid by International Education Week (IEW) in November, aiming to showcase on a grand scale the transformative power of engaging with different cultures, places, and people.


Celebrating five years of National Study Abroad Day is more than just an anniversary; it’s a reaffirmation of the power of global learning. We at Via TRM are excited to continue supporting and promoting these enriching experiences, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our diverse world.

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