Samantha Martin
Via TRM Founder & CEO

Via TRM will not be attending conferences or engaging in business travel in March or April 2020 due to the increasing risks associated with the spread of COVID19. We are rescheduling our “2020 Market Report Release” event, moving it to a live-steam digital event, on April 2, 2020.

We understand that the vast majority of people who contract this illness will recover. However, there is no question that the novel coronavirus presents a real and significant threat to members of the communities we are all a part of at Via TRM — our international education, higher education, edtech, and living/working communities in Boulder/Denver, Austin, New York, San Francisco, Detroit, and New Jersey. 

What is more, with the information we have available to us today, traveling domestically and internationally places individuals and communities at greater risk than short-term measures of social distancing. 

We feel sad about the global impact of COVID19. In our particular slice of the world, our hearts go out to our education abroad Clients, colleagues, and friends who are making difficult decisions in a rapidly evolving information environment. We can only imagine how disappointed students must feel about coming home or not going on an international program this summer. 

We cannot bypass these negative experiences and deep disappointments. We do, however, have choices and rely on our values to guide our decisions. 

One of our values at Via TRM is to “Stand with Others.” We have decided that not traveling in this exact moment is doing our part to minimize the risk that we might (unknowingly) bring back the virus to our home communities, particularly those most vulnerable to this virus.

Another one of our values at Via TRM is to “Adventure On!” This value was born out of lessons we’ve learned through personal experiences with international education and travel. To us, “Adventure On!” means that the journey will not always be easy, but it will always be valuable. In hard times, we are reminded to be patient, work the problem, learn everything we can, listen to others, be honest about what we know and don’t know, ask for help, and offer to support others along the way. In hard times, we trust and remember that the journey will also guide us in time to new places, people, and experiences we never would have encountered otherwise. 

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