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Learn BOLD approaches to upskilling your career, leading your institution through uncertainty, engaging students authentically, and shaping the future of the industry at Via TRM’s digital user seminar, BOLD: A Seminar on the Next Decade in Education Abroad.

As our first-ever digital user seminar approaches, you’re probably wondering, “what separates this seminar from the many online events and resources available?” The answer is simple: as our world continues to change, so too must the field of international education; we must prepare to be the change we want to see in our field by creating a “new normal.” Here at Via TRM, we are committed to facilitating candid dialogue with colleagues as we co-create the future of the industry. Here below are the 5 reasons why you should be BOLD…

1. Networking opportunities!


As frequent conference attendees, our team knows that the real value of conferences is found through the authentic connections you make with colleagues in the field. We have crafted BOLD so that attendees will have various opportunities to establish meaningful relationships with fellow international educators in a multitude of ways.

A few of the ways we will facilitate networking:

  • Peer Mentoring: There will be 30-minute peer-to-peer mentoring sessions offered by Via TRM Clients & IE colleagues on the topics of budgeting, outreach, marketing, women in leadership, personal branding, job searching, and more.
  • Breakout rooms: During many of the sessions, our facilitators will break attendees into small groups to digest and discuss the information presented. You can forge new connections with subject matter experts and Via TRM Clients that will be hosting panels and presenting new information on how we can rebuild the next decade in education abroad.
  • Game night: We will kick off the seminar with an interactive trivia event. You’ll be able to form teams and see how your IE insider-baseball knowledge stacks up.
  • Technology Pavilion: Stop by the Technology Pavilion to connect with Via TRM engineers, ask questions, and get the inside scoop on how Via TRM is solving problems for international education through technological innovation.

2. Professional development


Ready to upskill so that you can reach new goals for the next academic year and beyond? All sessions have been curated to address the current challenges that international educators are facing (COVID-19, the uncertainty of face-to-face higher education, and what future engagement in education abroad will look like) and tease out future opportunities.

Day 1 allows attendees to choose to follow the Via TRM Product Track (geared towards Via TRM Clients and prospects) or the Education Abroad Tech Stack Track (a more general technology track). Day 2 allows all attendees to hear from a list of experts in travel, technology, and business to provide fresh perspectives on the future of education abroad.

Here’s what’s on deck:


  • Opening Panel – Via TRM’s CEO & Founder Samantha Martin will facilitate a panel of leading international educators and technologists on answering, “How might international education evolve in the next decade?”
  • Featured Session: “Showcasing Your Programs in Via TRM” (Client Session) – In this Client-specific session, you can learn how to use Program Brochures to their fullest potential to best utilize that digital real estate to drive clicks & student engagement.
  • Technology Pavillion – open to all and featuring a Client Show & Tell


  • Featured Session: “Making Via TRM a “Full- Time Employee” (General Session) – In this session, you can grasp how Via TRM can be the full-time employee in the office you need and want.
  • Closing Address – Listen to a TED-style talk on 2020’s key events: COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement and their impact on education abroad as it relates to Generation Z, Diversity & Inclusion, Career Readiness and engaging with the K-12 sector.
    Attend this closing address if you want to be a part of international education’s “new direction.”

See the full schedule here.

3. Walk away with fresh perspectives


There are a variety of sessions with panelists of varying backgrounds, industries, and areas of expertise, including folks outside the international education industry. In each session, we will have bold conversations and debates with the overarching goal of defining what the next decade in education abroad will encompass. Our goal is that you walk away from the seminar with a renewed inspiration and direction in your career in the field of international education.

4. Experience the seminar from the comfort of your home


By attending a digital seminar, you get the value of an in-person conference including networking, access to the Via TRM team, plus upskilling & professional development all from the comfort of your home. There are no travel costs associated, the digital format provides a new & exciting way to experience conference-going, and not to mention, you will most likely have more access to folks you may not normally be in contact with when you’re in your normal conference grind.

5. Learn, communicate, & engage in a variety of ways


Are you “Zoomed” out from all recent video conferences? We’ve integrated multiple ways for participants to learn, communicate, and engage to appeal to and celebrate diverse preferences and styles:


  • For our auditory learners – we’ll host livestreams, World Café connects, TED-style sessions, & facilitate one-on-ones
  • For our visual learners – we’ll display presentation decks, pictures, graphs, illustrations,  & provide various articles and resources
  • For our kinesthetic learners – we’ll facilitate morning stretching & meditation, have the chat available in our various session types, welcome note-taking and encourage folks to go off mute when the opportunity presents itself


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