Via Celebrates 100th Client: Texas A&M

Texas A&M and Via Share Passion for Powering Global Experiences

Martin Rosales, Technology Coordinator at Texas A&M.

Via is delighted to welcome our 100th partner: the Texas A&M Education Abroad Office.

“Texas A&M shares our mission, vision and values. We couldn’t be prouder of this partnership,” says Via CEO Ann Oleson.

To celebrate Via’s centennial client, Via delivered 100 balloons to the Texas A&M Education Abroad Office: 50 Texas A&M balloons and 50 Via balloons.

“We couldn’t be happier to have such a great technology partner,” says Martin Rosales, Technology Coordinator at Texas A&M. “It was clear from day one that they cared about us as people and were devoted to understanding our needs.”

Martin says the EA office was surprised to learn it was Via’s 100th client.

“When the surprise balloons arrived, the staff were so excited,” he says. “The joy it brought to our staff during one of our busiest periods was profound. We couldn’t be happier to have Via join our Aggie family.”

Shared Commitments

Like Via, Texas A&M University is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. During Black History Month in February, Via gave a shout out to the Texas A&M Education Abroad Office for winning one of the Diversity Abroad’s 2021 Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion in International Education awards.

Martin with his balloon delivery from Via!

“From Day 1, Via has been about every student and every traveler,” says Via’s Chief Client Officer Lisa Stern. “We created our entire platform around early engagement so that we could attract all travelers into the funnel before application.”

Via is so impressed by Texas A&M’s DEI efforts that we devoted an entire blog to them.

Texas A&M and Via also both value partnership. Prior to becoming a Via client, the Texas A&M Education Abroad Office staff participated in user research sessions to help Via innovate and evolve its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

“Via was built by and for international educators,” Stern says. “Even before they became a partner, we spoke regularly with Texas A&M because we care about what the IE community needs and wants in its software systems. We’re so grateful for their willingness to assist us even before they signed on with Via.”

Via and Texas A&M are also aligned on a quest to power global experiences to change the world.

“Like Via, Texas A&M works every day for every student and every traveler to power global experiences that not only change the lives of students but ultimately can change the world,” Oleson says.

These shared commitments are what makes Via and Texas A&M especially great partners, Oleson says. Rosales agrees as does Holly Hudson, Associate Vice President for Global Engagement at Texas A&M.

Holly Hudson, Associate Vice President for Global Engagement at Texas A&M

“We are excited to join the Via team,” Holly says. “These past two-plus years during the pandemic have been challenging, to say the least. We look forward to rising to new heights with a user-friendly platform that advances our mission of promoting and facilitating student access to meaningful, diverse, and inclusive international experiences.”

Let’s Connect

Powering global experiences for #everystudent and #everytraveler is what we do every day at Via through a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that’s focused on Traveler Relationship and Risk Management. Via is constantly innovating our software solutions based on feedback we receive from our partners in international education—people like you! Let’s connect to see how Via can help you.


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