Via Partners with StudentUniverse: Affordable Travel for Students Studying Abroad

Via, in partnership with StudentUniverse, is reducing barriers for students studying abroad with automated flight discounts.

Via has teamed up with StudentUniverse, a prominent platform for booking student travel, to tackle this challenge and make the journey abroad more affordable and seamless. Studying abroad is an incredibly enriching experience, offering opportunities for personal growth, cultural exchange, and broadening horizons. However, the main obstacle to studying abroad is often the cost, as highlighted in a recent report published by Via and The Forum on Education Abroad.

According to Chelsea Balderson, Via’s VP of Experience, partnering with StudentUniverse was an easy decision. She refers to the extensive surveys conducted yearly by Via, which gathers responses from over 250,000 student travelers. The surveys revealed that the cost of studying abroad ranked as the top concern year after year among the students. To finance their global experiences, most of the surveyed students relied on scholarships and financial aid, followed by family support, personal savings, and student jobs.

Seamless Student Travel Planning in Via

From program management to travel plans – Via’s user-friendly interface and intuitive tools ensure that students can effortlessly apply, submit documents, and register their travel plans. Via simplifies the entire process, saving students (and administrators) valuable time and effort.


Exclusive Student Discounts with StudentUniverse

StudentUniverse is renowned for offering exclusive discounts to students with an .edu email address, making travel more affordable than ever before. By leveraging this partnership, students studying abroad can access special offers on flights, hotels, and other travel essentials, reducing their overall expenses significantly.

The New Feature: Automated Flight Discounts for Students in Via

Understanding the financial constraints that students face, Via and StudentUniverse have introduced a new feature that enables administrators to send automatic flight discounts to students. Let’s explore how this feature works:

StudentUniverse + Via Flight and Travel Discount Dashboard

Preview of the StudentUniverse + Via Travel Discount Dashboard

Simplified Discount Distribution

With this new feature, administrators can effortlessly distribute flight discounts to students directly within the Via platform. Gone are the days of manual coupon codes; the process is now seamless and user-friendly.

➜ Easy Redemption Process

All students need to do to receive the discount is to utilize the link provided in the mailers sent to them. No need for fuss, or complicated codes. Students just click, search, and book flights directly from Via’s StudentUniverse dashboard.

➜ Increased Travel Opportunities

By reducing travel costs, this feature opens doors for more students to pursue their dreams of studying abroad, fostering a more diverse and inclusive academic environment.



Q: How can students access the automated flight discounts within Via?

As an administrator in Via, navigate to your Organization Settings page and turn StudentUniverse discounts feature on. Once on, your travelers will receive discounts at critical points during the study abroad or travel planning process. Learn more about turning on this feature here: How do I turn on StudentUniverse Discounts for Travelers?

Q: Are the flight discounts applicable to all destinations?

Yes, the flight discounts are applicable to a wide range of destinations, allowing students to explore various domestic or international locations without breaking the bank.

Q: Are there any additional perks for students besides flight discounts?

Apart from flight discounts, students can also access exclusive discounts on hotels, transportation, rental cars, and other travel essentials, making their entire journey more budget-friendly.

Q: How frequently are the flight discounts updated?

The flight discounts are regularly updated to provide students with the best possible deals at any given time.

Q: Is the feature available to all students using Via?

Yes, the feature is available to all students using Via as it aims to make studying abroad more accessible and cost-effective for every student. However, the automated mailers will only be sent to students if your organization turns the feature on.


Via’s partnership with StudentUniverse has ushered in a new era of affordability and convenience for students studying abroad. With the introduction of the automated flight discounts feature, the travel experience for students has been elevated, allowing them to focus on their academic pursuits and immerse themselves in diverse cultures without worrying about excessive expenses. This partnership will truly made the world a more accessible place for ambitious students seeking to expand their horizons

Read more about how the Via + StudentUniverse partnership began: StudentUniverse & Via Create Powerful Partnership that Benefits Travelers

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