Via to Unveil Via Lab at NAFSA

Experience Live Product Demos, Partner Meetups & More

Via is all about engagement. Engaging with our clients, end users and the International Education Community as a whole. As a company built by and for international educators, we believe that engagement is the most important aspect of our product development, interaction and satisfaction.

With engagement in mind, we created Via Lab, an immersive experience that focuses on engagement with our Education Abroad and Education Away community.

A sneak peek at the design of the new Via Lab banner, debuting at NAFSA 2022!

“We developed the idea of Via Lab after hearing in the field that communication between software platforms and the professionals that use them were lacking,” says Chelsea Balderson, Via’s UX/UI designer. “Via Lab is simply a way to bring them all together to share their processes, ideas and needs to help improve the field for all through product development driven by IE professionals.”

We’ll unveil Via Lab at NAFSA (Booth #2205) and you can also see and experience it at:

  • Other IE/EA conferences
  • Via’s Annual User Conference
  • Regional NAFSA meetups
  • Virtual pop ups
  • Via’s monthly virtual user research

Here’s What You Can Expect from Via Lab

So, what does Via Lab’s immersive experience include?

See a demo of Via Global and Via Travel or brush up on new features and functions.

  • User Research/Testing: We’ll talk about your needs and goals and give you a sneak peek at our software advancements. Via Lab is focused on user experience so we’ve created a real-time feedback loop.
  • Live Product Demos: During a one-on-one session, you can take Via for a spin and experience the benefits of our software solutions firsthand. We’ll ask for your feedback on Via’s features and share client success stories with you.
  • Partner Meet-ups: We love our clients and know you will too. Through networking events, you can talk with Via users, ask them about the benefits of partnering with Via, and share scenarios and new ideas.

Via is Known for Engagement

Via is known for client engagement—and responsiveness. Just ask our clients (actually we did!):

  • “I continue to be floored at how open you are to feedback. It’s unreal how healthy this relationship is,” says AJ LeBlanc at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
  • “The support, from the Via Client Success team, has been fantastic. It is really helpful knowing that you’re just an email away,” says Teresa Zellem at the University of New Hampshire.
  • “We appreciate that Via cares about our feedback. The effort your team puts in to find common ground between very different institutions with different needs doesn’t go unnoticed. I don’t know how you do it, but you do,” says Naira Ovsepyan at the University of Chicago.

Let’s Connect

Via Lab is just one more way Via helps power global experiences for #everystudent and #everytraveler. Want to learn more about Via Lab? Have ideas for when, where and how we can continue to engage with the IE community? We’d love to hear from you.


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