Study Abroad Providers: Qualify Study Abroad Leads with Via Leads

Make It Easy for Students to Learn More and Apply for
Your Program

Do you want qualified leads delivered straight to your inbox?

With Via Leads, we directly connect study abroad providers like you with students who have indicated interest or have already started a home campus approval process for your program and term. There is one catch: Students may have also shown interest in competitor programs. But with Via Leads, you’ll be able to reach out to these highly engaged students at their point of interest.
Via Leads is an annual license based on a pay-per-lead model. By contrast, online program review sites and directories are public websites that drive both qualified leads and unqualified traffic to study abroad provider websites.

Here’s How Via Leads Works

A student creates a Via Global account with one of your university partners, views or starts a home campus approval for your program, and opts-in to connect with you. With Via Leads, you’ll get their name, home institution, email, program and term of interest, and even where they clicked to request to connect with you.

Right This Way to Via Leads

Study Abroad Advisors: Let’s get you started with Via Leads, follow these steps.

  • Confirm that you work with a Via Client
  • Create a Via Global account for free and create program brochures
  • Request that higher education institutions who are Via Global clients
    authorize your program(s) in their account
You’ll then be connected with students who have a Via Global account and opt-in to learn more about or start an application for your program!
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