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Study Abroad Providers: Qualify Study Abroad Leads with VIA Leads

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How it Works

  1. Confirm that you work with a Via TRM Client
  2. Create a Via Global account for free and create program brochures
  3. Higher education institutions who are Via Global Clients authorize your program(s) into their account
  4. Students create an account in Via Global at their home campus and view your program(s) through Program Matching, searching, or filtering
  5. Students opt in to learn more about or start a home campus application for your program (generating a lead!)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Via Global’s proprietary Program Matching recommendation tool work?2020-10-20T16:13:10+00:00

Students or interested travel participants create an account with your organization, answer a few simple questions in a fun and personalized quiz, then get matched to programs run or approved by your organization! Students can always edit their program preferences to get new results, search or filter for available programs. Program Matching is a proprietary feature in Via Global and was launched with the original Via Global product in 2016. It also got a makeover in 2020!

How is Via Global similar to or different from Terra Dotta, Symplicity Horizons, or Embark?2020-10-20T16:09:42+00:00

Just like #everystudent is unique and drawn to the program that’s right for them, every campus is unique and chooses study abroad and travel management software that fits their values and student, faculty and staff needs. Via TRM was founded by a former study abroad advisor who built a team of technology, design, and business experts to usher in next generation software solutions that are user-friendly for everyone. By design, all Via TRM software is simple to set up and requires no “tech speak” or prior knowledge of software. Finally, Via TRM supports all software products with a U.S.-based Client Success team who is dedicated to an approachable, responsive, and proactive client success & support model.

Can we customize the color scheme?2020-10-16T20:04:07+00:00

Yes! Via Travel and Via Global allow higher education institutions, non-profits, and private sector organizations to enter in their custom brand colors into Via TRM software.

Can Via TRM software integrate with other software?2020-10-20T15:52:06+00:00

Yes! Via Travel and Via Global can integrate with ERP, payment, marketing, CRM, insurance assistance platforms, and many other software.

How is Via Leads different from online program directories and review sites?2020-10-20T15:44:01+00:00

Via Leads provides only qualified leads straight to your inbox, hence is a pay-per-lead model. A student creates a Via Global account with one of your university partners, views your program, and opts-in to connect with you directly. You will know their name, home institution, email, the name of the program & term they are interested in, and even which button they clicked to request to connect with you. By contrast, online program review sites and directories are public websites that drive both qualified leads and unqualified traffic to your own website. Online program directories use a pay-per-click model.

Can we use Via Global or Via Travel for all of our lead capture, application management, and solo and group travel management?2020-10-20T15:42:43+00:00

Yes! Program providers can use our lead capture, advising, application, and pre-departure features to increase participation, streamline communication, and make the workday easier. All Via TRM software products can integrate with other CRMs, payment systems, marketing software, etc. Contact our business development team at

Can we put our programs into Via Global for free?2020-10-20T15:40:40+00:00

Yes! Setting up a Via Global account is easy and free. Add or edit your programs anytime. Please note: you must be a legally registered business operating educational travel programs and working with an existing Via Global Client in order to create a Via Global account.

If we update our programs, will they update everywhere?2020-10-16T20:03:14+00:00

Yes! When you update your program content or terms in Via Global, it will update in every Via Global account where it is authorized immediately.

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